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My AskAI- Create your own ChatGPT from your content

Save your team or customers hours of searching and reading, with instant answers, on all your content. Add your documents, website or content and create your own ChatG...


Pricing Type

  • Pricing Type: Freemium (Free & Paid)
  • Price Range Start($): 13.3

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My AskAI – Your Own AI Assistant

My AskAI is a platform that offers users the ability to create their own AI assistant with a focus on providing instant answers from their own content and documents [1]. It is designed to save users time by streamlining the search process and providing quick and accurate responses.

Key Features and Pricing

  1. Free Starter Plan: My AskAI offers a free starter plan that is available indefinitely. Users can take advantage of this plan to test the platform and see what it has to offer [2].
  2. Hobby Plan: For individuals and small teams looking for more advanced features, there is a Hobby plan available for $13.30 per month. This plan is suitable for those who want better answers from their AI assistant [2].
  3. Custom AI Training: My AskAI allows companies to train their own AI assistant using their specific documents and content. This can be particularly useful for organizations with complex information to share, such as warranty information [4].
  4. No Coding Required: One of the standout features of My AskAI is that it requires no coding skills. Users can create their AI Q&A assistant in minutes and easily share it on the web [10].

Use Cases

  1. Customer Support: MyAskAI can be used to build AI-powered customer support bots quickly and easily. This is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their customer service capabilities without extensive development work [7].
  2. Internal Knowledge Base: Companies can utilize My AskAI to create internal knowledge bases that provide instant answers to employees. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required for training new team members [4].

About My AskAI

My AskAI was founded by industry experts with significant experience in the digital and startup sectors. The founders have a combined background of working at Accenture Digital and founding a successful travel startup, Pluto, which raised £1.2 million in funding [5]. This expertise likely contributes to the platform’s user-friendly design and practical applications.

Developer Resources

For developers interested in integrating My AskAI into their applications, there is an API available with developer documentation. This allows for asking questions or adding new content programmatically, enhancing the versatility of the platform [9].

In summary, My AskAI is a versatile platform that empowers users to create their own AI assistants, simplifying the process of finding instant answers from their content and documents. With both free and paid plans available, it caters to a range of needs, from individual users to small teams and businesses. Its no-code approach and developer resources make it accessible and valuable for a variety of applications.

My AskAI- Create your own ChatGPT from your content

My AskAI- Create your own ChatGPT from your content