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Flythroughs – AI powered elevating real estate only with your iPhone

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Key Points: elevating real estate by your iPhone


Flythroughs is an app that leverages generative AI to create professional-looking cinematic flythrough videos of interior spaces using only a smartphone camera, elevating real estate listings by providing potential buyers with an immersive visualization experience without the need for professional filming equipment or expertise.

Luma AI introduces an impressive service known as “Flythroughs,” designed to offer users immersive visual experiences that showcase the flow and unique attributes of various spaces. Through these flythroughs, individuals gain a comprehensive understanding of the spatial layout, aided by the utilization of Generative 3D AI and NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields) technology.

Product Features

This innovative approach employs cinematic flythroughs powered by AI to enhance property listings, providing a professional-grade visual representation of homes and apartments. Luma AI’s overarching goal is to democratize the creation and exploration of lifelike 3D environments, enabling everyone to capture and share memories in a groundbreaking and accessible manner.

To facilitate this, the company presents the “Luma Flythroughs” iOS app, available on the App Store. The app harnesses Luma AI’s technology, allowing users to produce captivating flythroughs directly from their iPhones. This eliminates the need for specialized equipment or drones, making 3D visualization convenient and accessible. The app has received acclaim for its user-friendly interface and impressive outcomes, garnering positive reviews from users.

Luma AI goes a step further by offering the Video to 3D API, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate Luma’s NeRF and meshing models into their applications. This API empowers developers with advanced 3D modeling and reconstruction capabilities, thereby enabling the creation of immersive experiences using Luma’s cutting-edge technology.

What’s more

Beyond its Flythroughs service, Luma AI actively engages in projects like “Imagine 3D”, an experimental venture focused on prototyping and generating 3D visuals using text inputs. With the vision of revolutionizing memory preservation, space presentation, and immersive encounters, Luma AI envisions a future where lifelike 3D representations reshape our experiences.

Conclusion by AI

The commitment of Luma AI to delivering accessible and top-tier 3D visualization tools has the potential to redefine how spaces are showcased, memories are immortalized, and immersive encounters are curated across various domains.

Flythroughs - AI powered elevating real estate only with your iPhone