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3dscanstore-Free 3D Head Models for Download

Free 3D Head Models for Download


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Free 3D Head Models for Download

If you’re looking for free 3D head models, you’re in luck! There are several sources where you can find high-quality 3D head models available for download.

  1. 3D Scan Store offers a free high-resolution 3D head model created from photogrammetry scan data, which is available for download on their website[1]. They also have a variety of other 3D head models available in OBJ, ZTL, and FBX formats[2]. Additionally, they have an expanded library of 3D head scans with 48 male and female models, all with animation-ready topology[4].
  2. Free Human Head Base Meshes can be downloaded from the 3D Scan Store as well. These base meshes come with UV maps and are created from over 100 3D head scans to represent an average face shape[5].
  3. You can also find a free 3D head scan by James Busby on ArtStation[8][9]. This scan was created using 120 cameras.
  4. If you’re interested in more 3D models for various purposes such as CG projects, VR/AR, animation, and games, 3D Scan Store has a collection of 3D models generated from high-quality 3D scans[7].

Summary of 3dscanstore

there are multiple sources where you can find free 3D head models for download, and the 3D Scan Store appears to be a comprehensive resource with a variety of options. Additionally, James Busby has shared a free 3D head scan on ArtStation for those interested in his work. Remember to check the specific licensing terms for each model to ensure they can be used for your intended purposes.

3dscanstore-Free 3D Head Models for Download