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Come and grab your free customized short link now! best free short link service is a free short link service platform, simple, easy use, popular among netizens. Especially in these AI times,  new era of SEO and Marketing are very important, a simple easy use short link tool will be very helpful. short it , forward it.

The inspiration of the name comes from work, especially when remote work is popular, it is very necessary to forward information, so the inspiration of FYI comes from the FYI that everyone often uses in emails, that is, For Your Information, whether it is the boss or the employee. All like it very much. I think this small, easy-to-use and free tool will definitely bring a lot of convenience to your work.

Features and Benefits

  1. It can create normal short link, after you enter a long link, click shorten button, then get a shorten link.
  2. Custom short link, If you are marketer, a URL include brand name is very important, so can help you, input your long link, and custom brand name, click shorten button, then you get a shorten link.
  3. Password protected short link, you can type your password, then short a url, then get a shorten link. Other people can not access it without your password.


There are many short link service tools on the market now, but there are few free and easy-to-use ones like FYI. I hope it can bring a lot of convenience to your work. best free short link tool service short link tool