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Magic Studio – AI-Powered Photo Editing App

Magic Studio is an AI-powered photo editing application that simplifies and enhances the photo editing experience. It allows users to automatically edit and create images using AI, including features like the Magic Eraser and Background Eraser. Additionally, Magic Studio offers a tool called “Imagine,” which allows users to create pictures with words, expressing themselves through visuals. The app is available for free on Android devices, with a rating of 3.6 based on user reviews [1] [3].

In addition to the app, Magic Studio provides an API that developers can use to integrate its features into their own applications, enabling them to add magic to their apps using the Magic Studio API [1]. Moreover, Magic Studio offers a Canvas feature, allowing users to create amazing visuals, and there is an option to upgrade to generate unlimited product photos [1].

The app is available on both Google Play and the App Store, catering to users of Android and iOS devices [3] [5].

It’s important to note that there is another unrelated Magic Studio called “Hayo AI Tools,” which also provides a service to create pictures with words or generate stunning profile pictures using AI [6]. However, this is not the same as the Magic Studio AI photo editing app.


In summary, Magic Studio is an innovative AI-powered photo editing app that streamlines and enhances the photo editing process. It offers various features like the Magic Eraser, Background Eraser, and Imagine tool for creating pictures with words. Developers can also integrate its capabilities into their own apps using the Magic Studio API [1].

Magic Studio - AI-Powered Photo Editing App


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