Ruttl – Best Tool for Feedback

Ruttl – Best Tool for Feedback

ruttl helps product, marketing, sales, and support teams work efficiently to grow revenues.

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  • Pricing Type: Freemium (Free & Paid)
  • Price Start From: 4

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  • Operation Type: Comercial

Introduce of Ruttl

Ruttl is a versatile design feedback tool that facilitates the review of various digital assets, including websites, applications, PDFs, and images. It offers real-time feedback, collaboration, and editing capabilities. Here’s a summary of the key highlights:

  • Ruttl is a visual and design feedback tool.
  • It supports reviewing design, content, and reporting bugs on websites, applications, PDFs, and images.
  • Users can leave comments, make real-time edits, and collaborate effectively on design projects.

Features and Benefits of Ruttl

  • Live Website Feedback: Ruttl allows users to review live websites by commenting directly on the links and making real-time edits.
  • Pricing Flexibility: It offers various pricing plans to cater to different team sizes, with the first project being free.
  • Ease of Use: Ruttl simplifies the process of leaving comments and editing live websites, making it accessible for stakeholders.
  • Contextual Visual Feedback: Users can share contextual, visual feedback with team members.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Ruttl’s blog page is regularly updated with the latest content on web designing, helping users stay updated with industry trends.
  • Edit Mode Feature: Ruttl enables users to easily edit web elements like spacing, font, alignment, and image replacement, streamlining the design process.

Official Website of Ruttl

Ruttl Official website
Ruttl Official website
Ruttl pricing plan and features
Ruttl pricing plan and features


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