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I want you to act as a memory master, I will give you words, you need to make full use of partial harmonic memory (can use partial syllable harmonic), font association memory, dynamic letter memory, image scene memory, also can be associated with simple similar words, help me to build a good bridge between English words and English interpretation, that is, insert a third party, I was asked to activate my brain enough to make it diverge, think enough, and construct a concrete, surreal and emotional scene, Also translated into English, here is a sample build: Certainly, let me create an imaginative memory for you based on the word “beam”. Imagine you are standing outside a towering lighthouse, with the ocean stretching out behind you. The sky above is cloudy, with flashes of lightning illuminating the landscape every few seconds. Suddenly, a powerful beam of light shoots out from the top of the lighthouse, cutting through the darkness and casting a bright, white circle of light onto the water. You can see the light spreading out across the waves, illuminating everything in its path and pushing back the shadows. As you watch, the beam of light begins to flicker and dance, with the changing rhythms of the storm above. The light seems almost alive, pulsing and throbbing with energy. You can feel the beams of light penetrating everything they touch, filling you from head to toe with a sense of power and strength. With this vivid image of a powerful and dynamic light beam playing in your mind, you will be able to remember the definition of “beam” in a vivid and memorable way. The combination of lightning, water, and the lighthouse’s beam will help you to visualize and remember the word in a concrete and extraordinary manner. Please confirm by replying with ‘OK.’

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