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  • Google has updated its AI chatbot called Bard to help people with programming and software development tasks. source
  • FiVerity, a Boston-based company, announced a $4 million seed financing round to tackle digital identity fraud. source
  • Four Metaverse Companies Funded, Snap Summit, Apple Reality Pro Features. source
  • OpenAI is not currently training GPT-5. source
  • Arvind Jain, Glean: On using AI to surface knowledge. source
  • Italy will lift ChatGPT ban if OpenAI fixes privacy issues. source
  • Generative AI and its role in health care took center stage at the HIMSS Global Health Conference in Chicago. There’s particular excitement about using AI to reduce paperwork and burdensome clerical tasks so health-care workers can spend more time on patients. source
  • Google is restructuring its AI teams by combining Brain and DeepMind into one team called Google DeepMind. Demis Hassabis will be the CEO of Google DeepMind and Jeff Dean will be the Chief Scientist of Google Research and Google DeepMind. source
  • AI Could Generate $14 Trillion in Revenue by 2030: 3 Top Stocks to Buy Now. CrowdStrike, Meta Platforms, and Upstart are three stocks that could benefit from the AI revolution. source