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  • Pricing Type: Unknown
  • Price Range Start($): 0 Your AI-powered Creative Studio is an innovative platform that empowers users to create compelling videos with the assistance of artificial intelligence. It introduces a new era of storytelling by harnessing the capabilities of AI to simplify video production processes.

This all-in-one creative studio offers a range of features to enhance video content, including automatic captioning and subtitle generation in 28 languages, enabling content to reach a global audience seamlessly.

User Experience and Product Features

The platform also provides a video compression tool, streamlining workflow and optimizing video files for efficient sharing and distribution.

One notable feature is the Eye Contact tool, which enables users to refine eye contact within videos during post-production. This feature enhances the visual engagement and connection between creators and their audience. Moreover, is not limited to videos alone; it also introduces an Instagram caption generator called “captionit,” which uses AI to generate creative captions, jokes, memes, and more for uploaded photos.

The platform’s effectiveness is highlighted by its recognition in a $25 million Series B funding round, showcasing its significance in the AI-powered creative space. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy ensure transparency and detail the AI-driven processes involved in transcribing, captioning, and analyzing user content.


Furthermore, the Captions app is available on the App Store, presenting a user-friendly interface for creators to access AI-powered camera and editing functionalities.

Overall emerges as a pioneering tool that combines AI innovation with video creation, catering to the evolving needs of content creators and storytellers.

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