The digital applications to learn mathematics

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The digital applications to learn mathematics

The digital applications to learn mathematics

Mathematics is an important skill for everyone but traditional methods of teaching are not very effective. Online math platforms and tools are making math more interactive and easy to learn. 

Online resources like Mathigon, khan academy and brilliant are assisting students in developing their arithmetic abilities and realizing their full potential.

In online learning you can learn at your own speed and gain confidence in your abilities. You can learn standard form and scientific notation also. You can identify types of equation with help of standard form equation calculator

Why Online Math Platforms?

Online platforms are created in such a way to make learning fun and interactive for students of all ages. There is no burden of exercises and practice. You can learn math with help of simple sums and challenging riddles or numericals which you can also enjoy. You can learn graphs with interactive simulations.There are tools available where you can interconvert numbers using standard form calculators by Multiple activities will develop problem solving skills in children. 

Math can be learned at home without having to worry about missed deadlines. You can watch instructional videos as often as you like. You can not hear lessons again and again in a physical classroom. Learning online enables pupils to progress through challenging subjects at their own pace to fully grasp the concept.

How can you use online math platforms?

To use math platforms all you need is a simple computer or mobile device with internet connection. Major math topics include algebra , geometry ,calculus, trigonometry ,probability ,statistics ,number theory etc. Either you can watch short tutorials of any lesson or you can enroll in any of the courses to learn step by step. There are online tools where you can solve your exercise questions like the  standard form calculator.  Also there are expertise levels. If you do not know anything you can start with a beginner level course but if you have some knowledge you can go for intermediate or advanced level courses. 


There are various digital platforms on internet to learn math some are mentioned below:

Khan Academy: 

It offers a comprehensive range of math courses. Students of any level can learn from their videos. The topics vary from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. This platform includes video lessons, practice exercises and progress tracking features.

Coursera and edx:

Coursera and edx are famous learning platforms that provide courses designed by international universities and institutions. Tons of math courses are there to learn. They provide two options of learning either self paced or instructor-led courses.


This website offers interactive lessons and challenges to learn deep understanding of mathematical concepts. It focuses on problem solving and critical thinking skills. 


Mathway is an online problem solving tool. Mathway offers lessons in algebra, calculus, trigonometry and other subjects. It gives methods for problem solving and step by step solutions to questions.

Wolfram Alpha:

It is not a traditional learning platform. It is a powerful computational engine which can solve complex math problems and can give detailed explanations. 


Youtube is a treasure full of math tutorials completely free. People have uploaded a full playlist of math courses. Channels like khan academy , Numberphile and patrickJMT are well known for their math videos.  



You should take into account your age ,grade level while starting any course. You should consider your learning goals to choose any digital platform. You can use online tools like  standard form calculators to solve your sums.

You can explore free courses or free trials first before going to purchase a paid course or subscription.

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