Paints Undo

Paints Undo

Paints Undo - The Drawing Process of AI-Generated Images

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Introduce of Paints-Undo

Paints Undo is a project that provides base models of human drawing behaviors, simulating the “undo” function in digital painting software.

What is PaintsUndo?

PaintsUndo is an AI project that models human drawing behaviors in digital paintings. It provides base models that can simulate various aspects of the digital painting process, including sketching, coloring, and shading.

How does the single-frame model in PaintsUndo work?

The single-frame model takes one image and an “operation step” as input. It then outputs a single image that simulates the appearance of the artwork after a specified number of “undo” operations, mimicking the Ctrl+Z function in digital painting software.

What’s the difference between the single-frame and multi-frame models in PaintsUndo?

The single-frame model produces one image based on a specified number of “undo” steps, while the multi-frame model generates 16 intermediate frames between two input images, creating a more consistent but less “creative” result.

Features and Benefits of Paints-Undo

What are the system requirements for running PaintsUndo?

PaintsUndo requires significant computational power. It’s been tested with 24GB VRAM on Nvidia 4090 and 3090TI GPUs. The minimum theoretical VRAM requirement is estimated at 10-12.5 GB.

How long does it take to process an image with PaintsUndo?

Processing one image typically takes about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your settings. The result is usually a 25-second video at 4 FPS, with a resolution of 320×512, 512×320, 384×448, or 448×384.

Can PaintsUndo be used to create infinitely long videos?

In theory, the system can be used to create infinitely long videos. However, in practice, the best results are achieved when the final frame count is between 100-500 frames.

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