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Cosine – Your AI Co-Developer

Cosine is an AI co-developer that assists developers in their coding tasks. It helps users find the implementation of specific features in their codebase and offers support when needed. Cosine appears to have undergone a name change from “Buildt” to “Cosine”. This AI co-developer is designed to be a valuable companion for developers, aiding them in locating code implementations efficiently.

On LinkedIn, Cosine is described as “Your AI Co-developer” with 367 followers. They are active on Twitter under the handle @cosine_ai, with a tweet stating that Cosine is not just a “LLM wrapper” and supports more than 50 functions.

Cosine’s functionality seems to focus on code-related tasks, providing assistance in locating code implementations and supporting developers in their coding endeavors. The platform’s features and capabilities may be of interest to software developers and teams looking to streamline their coding processes.

For more detailed information about Cosine’s features and offerings, you can visit their official website at

Additional Insights

It’s worth noting that the term “cosine” has mathematical significance in trigonometry as one of the trigonometric functions, but in the context of this query, it refers to the AI co-developer mentioned in the search results.

Cosine’s role as an AI co-developer aligns with the growing trend of AI-powered tools that assist software developers in various aspects of their work, from code analysis to debugging and optimization. Such tools can be valuable in improving productivity and code quality.

Cosine - Your AI Co-Developer