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Clearbit: B2B Marketing Intelligence

Clearbit provides go-to-market teams with the industry’s most comprehensive B2B dataset across company, contact, and IP intelligence. Use our full dataset to enrich ke...


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Clearbit: B2B Marketing Intelligence

Clearbit is a provider of B2B marketing intelligence tools that offer valuable solutions for go-to-market teams. They provide a range of services to help businesses enhance their marketing efforts and gain insights into their target audience.

Features and Benefits

Here are some key features and information about Clearbit:

  1. Website Visitor Tracking: Clearbit offers a tool that allows you to track companies visiting your website in real-time. This feature is beneficial for marketers as it helps them identify potential leads and understand their website visitors better.
  2. Email Address Finder: Clearbit provides tools to find email addresses. This can be particularly useful for outreach and communication purposes.
  3. Free Tools: Clearbit offers some free tools that can be leveraged to gain a comprehensive picture of your target market. These tools can be a valuable resource for businesses looking to refine their marketing strategies.
  4. Data Privacy: Clearbit emphasizes data privacy and provides information on data privacy breakdowns to ensure the security and compliance of their services.
  5. Company Information: Clearbit has been described as a technology company with a moderate number of employees (51-200) as of 2019.
  6. API Integrations: Clearbit offers API integrations, allowing businesses to incorporate their services into their existing systems. This can be useful for automating tasks and improving workflow efficiency.
  7. Social Media Presence: Clearbit maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where they share information and updates about their services.
  8. Login and Account: To access Clearbit’s services, users can create accounts and log in using their email and password.


Clearbit appears to be a valuable resource for businesses seeking to enhance their B2B marketing efforts by providing insights into website visitors, email finding tools, and API integrations. Their commitment to data privacy is also evident, ensuring that user data remains secure. Businesses can explore Clearbit’s services further by visiting their official website at

Clearbit: B2B Marketing Intelligence

Clearbit: B2B Marketing Intelligence