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EvidenceHunt – AI-Powered Clinical Evidence Search

EvidenceHunt is an AI-powered platform designed to assist healthcare professionals in quickly and efficiently finding relevant clinical evidence. It allows users to search for clinical evidence in a quick and effective way, eliminating the need to manually sift through numerous articles on platforms like PubMed.

This platform is particularly valuable for professionals seeking clinical trials in oncology and the latest evidence in specific disease areas.

The platform appears to be regularly updated, with the database last updated with PubMed on September 24. It aims to streamline the process of accessing critical medical information, contributing to evidence-based decision-making in healthcare.

Please note that there are no medical questions answered by ChatGPT on this platform, and it has been reported that it generates fake citations to non-existent papers. Therefore, users should exercise caution and rely on reputable sources for medical advice and information.

For additional information about EvidenceHunt’s company profile and funding, you can refer to its Crunchbase page. Furthermore, is ranked #169 in the Medicine category globally as of August 2023.

EvidenceHunt - AI-Powered Clinical Evidence Search


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