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Free Audio Transcription & Video Subtitles: Listen Monster

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ListenMonster – Your Go-To Solution for Audio and Video Transcription

Welcome to ListenMonster, the ultimate solution for English subtitle creation, audio transcription, and video transcription. Whether you’re dealing with audio or video content, ListenMonster offers a powerful tool that ensures accurate transcription every time.

ListenMonster stands out for its exceptional accuracy in transcription services. Content creators can rely on ListenMonster for perfectly transcribed text that matches spoken audio or video content.

Key features and benefits of ListenMonster include

  • Accuracy: ListenMonster is renowned for its exceptional accuracy in transcribing spoken content, making it a reliable choice for content creators who require accurate and reliable transcriptions.
  • Language Support: ListenMonster supports transcription in 57 major languages, ranging from English and French to Spanish and Chinese. This wide language coverage ensures that creators from various linguistic backgrounds can benefit from its services.
  • Free and Unlimited: ListenMonster is a completely free transcription platform, and there’s no need for sign-up to access its services. This makes it a cost-effective option for content creators who want accurate transcriptions without any financial commitment.
  • Subtitle Services: In addition to audio and video transcription, ListenMonster offers subtitle services. This feature is particularly useful for adding subtitles to videos, enhancing accessibility and reach.
  • Ease of Use: ListenMonster’s platform is user-friendly and designed to make the transcription process seamless for content creators. The user interface is intuitive, allowing users to quickly transcribe their content.

You can learn more about ListenMonster and its offerings by visiting their official website:

Additionally, ListenMonster has been featured on various platforms, including Product Hunt, YouTube, and SaaS Worthy. These platforms provide insights into the popularity and reliability of ListenMonster’s transcription services.

In conclusion

ListenMonster is a valuable resource for content creators seeking accurate and reliable transcription services. With its exceptional accuracy, wide language support, and user-friendly platform, ListenMonster is a go-to solution for audio and video transcription needs.


Free Audio Transcription & Video Subtitles: Listen Monster


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