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Bruinen- Integrate end-user data and actions into your LLMs

Bruinen helps companies build user-facing apps by making it easy, safe, and reliable to connect to user accounts wherever they exist online.


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Key Points: Managed UI, No-code permissions, Built for LLMs, Free for launch product

Bruinen: Simplifying Digital Identity and User-Facing Apps

Nestled in the tech hub of San Francisco, Bruinen has emerged as a trailblazer in the digital identity landscape. Their aim is to construct a digital environment that’s both streamlined and trustworthy, optimizing online experiences.

Business-Centric Solutions

For businesses, Bruinen’s array of services comes as a game-changer. They handle crucial tasks such as authentication, managing permissions, and rate limiting. This simplification of technical processes empowers companies to expedite their app development.

Empowering Individual Users

On the individual front, Bruinen plays an empowering role. It enables users to merge their diverse online accounts seamlessly. This not only ensures users have increased control over the data they share but also provides them with a window to understand their data footprint across platforms. Essentially, Bruinen is giving individuals a more granulated control over their digital identities.

Innovative Initiatives

Showcasing innovation, Bruinen has rolled out its beta launch, an initiative designed to enable users to link profiles from multiple online sources. But, at the heart of the company is a larger mission: to reform digital identity standards, making them more transparent and trustworthy.


In the vast expanse of the digital realm, Bruinen emerges as a beacon. By bridging the divide between businesses and users, the company foresees a future where online interactions are not just smooth but also secure. Through its cutting-edge solutions and commitment to user empowerment, Bruinen isn’t merely redefining digital identity; it’s championing a new era of trust and transparency in the digital world.


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Bruinen- Integrate end-user data and actions into your LLMs Bruinen- Integrate end-user data and actions into your LLMs