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AI-powered collaborative workspace that Integrates your notes, tasks, and tools. For you and your team.


Pricing Type

  • Pricing Type: Freemium
  • Price Range Start($): 6 Streamlining Collaboration and Knowledge Management is an innovative collaborative workspace powered by AI, designed to help individuals and teams optimize their note-taking, task management, and tool integration. With a focus on boosting productivity and fostering collaboration, Saga offers a variety of features and functionalities to cater to users’ needs.

Empowerment Through AI: Saga AI Tool

Saga introduces the Saga AI tool, currently in beta, which empowers users to create content, brainstorm ideas, perform translations, and even check grammar. This AI-powered tool enhances user capabilities and efficiency, ensuring seamless knowledge management and content creation.

Integration for Enhanced Workflow

Saga facilitates integration with a diverse range of tools and software, including popular document editors, note-taking applications, email platforms, and chat apps. This integration ensures that users can seamlessly incorporate Saga into their existing workflows, further streamlining collaboration.

Enhanced Software Team Management with Linear

Notable among Saga’s integrations is Linear, a cutting-edge issue tracking tool aimed at software teams. Linear assists in efficient management of issues, projects, and product roadmaps, enabling software teams to work more cohesively and effectively.

Sharing Knowledge with the World

Saga empowers users to share their entire workspace as a public website. This feature enables users to extend their reach beyond their team, sharing valuable content and insights with the wider world, fostering engagement and collaboration beyond internal teams.

Accessible Desktop Application

For convenience and usability, Saga offers a desktop application compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. Download the desktop application to gain faster access to knowledge, enhancing the user experience and ensuring quick and efficient usage.

Pricing Structure and Access

Saga’s pricing structure includes a free version with essential features, while the premium tier, priced at $6, offers unlimited Saga AI requests, public pages and workspaces, a robust task manager, user permissions, and unlimited integrations. Users can access the platform by logging in or creating an account to harness the power of

Connect With Saga

For inquiries, suggestions, or support, the Saga team can be reached through the provided contact page, ensuring that users have the resources they need for a seamless experience.

Overall, is a comprehensive solution that empowers individuals and teams to effectively manage their knowledge, enhance collaboration, and optimize their workflows. powered Collaboration and Knowledge Management for Enterprise or Startup and Team powered Collaboration and Knowledge Management for Enterprise or Startup and Team