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Humata – Ask questions and chat with any file instantly using AI

Humata is like GPT for your files. Ask AI anything about your data. Ask questions about your data and get answers powered by AI instantly. Learn, summarize, synthesize...


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  • Pricing Type: Freemium
  • Price Range Start($): 14.99

Introduce is a software development company offering an AI-powered Q&A platform for files. The platform, called Humata, functions similarly to GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) but is designed specifically for data and file-related queries. Users can ask questions about their data and get AI-powered answers instantly. The AI leverages advanced techniques like vector embeddings for semantic search to process user queries effectively [4]. The service is particularly useful for tasks like understanding PDFs, summarizing content, and analyzing technical or legal documents [7]. It aims to assist users in academic research by making reading and analyzing research papers faster and easier [8]. The platform allows users to interact with their own files in a chat-like manner, getting answers and insights based on the data in those files [6].

Founders of Humata are Cyrus Khajvandi and Dan Rasmuson [3]. The pricing for Humata starts at $14.99 and includes the processing of unlimited pages, with 250 pages initially provided in the basic plan [1]. serves as an AI research assistant, providing valuable assistance to users by answering questions related to various file types in English [9]. The platform’s capabilities and focus on file-related data make it a valuable tool for academics, professionals, and anyone dealing with data-intensive tasks.


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Humata - Ask questions and chat with any file instantly using AI


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Humata - Ask questions and chat with any file instantly using AI