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Introduce Human-Timescale Adaptation Agent

Based on the provided web search results, the query “Human-Timescale Adaptation Agent” seems to refer to an adaptive agent known as AdA that demonstrates human-timescale adaptation in an open-ended task space. The agent displays on-the-fly hypothesis-driven exploration and efficient adaptation in a vast space of held-out environment dynamics .

The research work explores training reinforcement learning (RL) agents at scale, resulting in a general in-context learning algorithm that allows the agent to adapt to novel and open-ended tasks .

Aran Komatsuzaki, mentioned in one of the results, seems to be associated with the work related to “Human-Timescale Adaptation in an Open-Ended Task Space” .

The information from the web search results suggests that the adaptive agent AdA efficiently acquires knowledge and adapts in minutes to challenging held-out sparse-reward tasks in a partially-observable 3D environment with a first-person perspective .

The work emphasizes the significance of training RL agents at scale, enabling them to develop adaptive capabilities on human-like timescales, which is crucial in handling complex and open-ended tasks .

It’s important to note that while the search results provide some insights into the topic, further investigation of the specific research papers and related resources would be necessary for a more in-depth understanding of the Human-Timescale Adaptation Agent and its implications.


Human-Timescale Adaptation Agent(


Human-Timescale Adaptation Agent(


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